Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fauna and Flora

Tomorrow I leave the wonderful land of Napa, just as fall sets in: today one can see the leaves of the white grape varietals turning orange, soon to be followed by the red grapes' leaves, and then no leaves at all, which I saw last year. We went to a pumpkin patch; here is my cousin Kasey with a pumpkin larger than her own belly.

It was her baby shower that brought me out here (having a girl, due December 1st). We built a Castle Cake adorned with fairies and unicorns with foil horns. Speaking of green fairies, it was probably the only baby shower ever that ended with sharing a bottle absinthe!

I brought with me my freshly finished fauna necklace, worn at the shower by Anita. I was honored to have such a lovely model!
This necklace features a fauna (that's a girl faun, duh) pendant by Margaret Braet that I was lucky to get in Tucson this past February. All of her work is amazing, and her glass-sculpting technique is fascinating (check it at

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Andrew Thornton said...

Nice work. So what are you up to nowadays? Are you still working on that book idea that you mentioned yonder-year ago?

BTW, thanks again for your AMAZING owl friend. I'm still working on something for you, but like all things it's sitting in limbo and waiting for me to finish it up.

Anyway, update your blog, yo!