Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tucson Spirit

You can't throw a geode in Tucson this week without hitting a jeweler/rockhound/beader/editor attending the gargantuan bead shows/tents/parties/port-a-potties. One would hope so anyway, considering the economic state of things, cause you won't even be able to spill a drink on Bead Boy down there this year. I've got plenty of beads to keep me busy at home (very very bead-busy), but I do miss the energy, and all those friends enjoying well-deserved dinners at fancy-pants Poca Cosa. Will it be chile/chocolate/chicken chimichangas? Mango/mint/marijuana meat-wraps? Tarragon/chipotle/tilapia fish tacos? Mmm, I hope the Best Bead Show has those fruit cups again for Nikia and Star!
While I am bummed for missing some new adventure that would surely ge
t stoked this year, I am thankful that I can imagine. Besides, I got a fair share of beads as a roadie last week up in Rollinsville, which of course means Beyond Beadery! Such a beautiful setting for getting out of the house:

For fear of getting stuck in the snow (again), I left my truck near the highway and got a ride up with Mom (Ellen), not knowing that I'd be shanghaied into nearly two extra days of stringing/tubing/labeling. It is impressive to see all those bead vendors down in Tucson. More so when you know what goes on behind the scenes. I was sorry to leave Betcey and Mark before all the packing was in the truck, but we ran out of mint for the mojitos so I had to head back down the mountain. It is good to go to the source when working for beads: I stocked up on some sparkly cut hanks that don't usually make it to the shows AND I got the first tote bag of 2009! 
Good fortune in Tucson my friends!