Friday, February 25, 2011

Boundless Droppings

This week's image for "Boundless" is my footprint, from Sunday's rain, after stepping on the wet outdoor rug:
I like the outdoor rug, since I like to drop-spindle pool-side and the rug is softer than stone when actually dropping the spindle; taken in the same sp0t is some yarn I dropped this morning:

When making my way to Tucson last week, I stopped in Jackson, California, at The Hole Affair. Charming beadshop in a charming town filled with charming ladies that have charmed me to return and teach classes, including drop-spindle (as per requested by the yarn enthuiasts)! Sorry I don't have pictures of the place, but trust me: tear-eyed charming of a drive from Napa.
Nearby was Kookie and Bill's place, as shown here from their porch.
I look forward to the return visit and secretly hope that Star left her crochet book there for me to steal.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruckus in the Kitchen

Both Miss Fish and Mister Simon greeted me in my room this morning, seemingly still sketchy from last night's intruder. (Really, they just wanted the bowl of food cleaned up, having strewn kibbles all over the floor.) Nothing like the sounds of a cat fight in the middle of the night to snap one out of slumber! The two house cats come and go as they please, via the tiny door within a door, which is accessed through my bedroom. I haven't seen this third cat, but I can see the little door from my bed at night, and he should consider this a warning. Assuming he reads blogs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tuesday, Feb 22. Week One at the Ranch.
Bruises should cover my body with all the pinchings of disbelief. Yet here I am, walking on periwinkle carpet and sleeping behind a flagstone wall festooned with framed matador and pictures of satelites. Further proof that the southwest is closer to space. Or to Spain.

This week's readings include The Annotated Dracula by Leonard Wolf (Bram Stoker's story with Leo's notes filling the sidebars; makes me long for Whitby, England);
Sacred Machine: a sexy gothic corporeal gallery in Tucson, for which we have commited to make Calder jewelry for the beautiful propriators (sp);
and these three cards: Knight of Swords, Three of Pentacles (rev), and Strength. Not sure of the knight (maybe some bastard or myself in my past), but the three paints me as a lazy craftsman, and (no doubt ?) Kate is Strength "a bountiful garden resplendent with the possibilities of positive force in both the spiritual and physical worlds." Also, makes me miss my Aunt Kelly.
(note the spring blossoms AND pumpkins in Napa: I am temporally challenged and seasonally confused!)

"Boundless" is Andrew's word of this week and is causing me some distress. An artist's soul supposedly works best unfettered, yet I have bound my own with so much drugs and alcohol that I know not where it is wont to go. And I have severed so many binds before finding myself here at the Atomic Ranch I wonder what I will find. I think it was the-road-less-traveled-guy that also wrote "good walls/fences make good neighboors". It is not my roommates' boundries that frighten me ...

Friday, February 18, 2011


So, the race is on to make some Glitterganza Jewelry. Kate and Andrew got a good headstart last night, as I was sent out with the grocery list ...

This book describes the wire jewelry that influences the pieces we are set out to create by April 16th:

These are mesquite seedpods from my new office floor:

Here's my new office: