Friday, December 19, 2008

he's a bedesman too

I really love this kick-ass necklace I am wearing today; the best days in the office happened when we reserved the conference room and filled it with beadwork--crates of entries, proposals, or some other mass of creation awaiting editorial admiration and admonition. Andrew's pieces always drew and captivated me. Like they swarmed with a visible energy, like I am happy to be feeling now.
Fond of Andrew, and even fonder of eBay, I couldn't resist his Studio Sale (cd's, signets, and shades, all mine). What really caught me about the fancy-pants sunglasses wasn't so much the leather frames, gold mirroring, or rock-star attitude (though, I really hope it works), comme ci curieux, quelle bizarre, mystere et boule de gomme, zut alors, those Histoire de Voir  shades appeared to be very similar to my almost-favorite pair from The Dollar Store! Luckily, they aren't that similar. Still, I had to do a side-by-side photo comparison:


Andrew Thornton said...

Ha ha ha! You're so funny! I'm glad that you're enjoying the shades and the necklace. They're both very fitting on you!

Cath Thomas said...

your French impresses me, in particular the 'Zut alors'!

you make me think of Dali, the famous painter.