Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tucson Spirit

You can't throw a geode in Tucson this week without hitting a jeweler/rockhound/beader/editor attending the gargantuan bead shows/tents/parties/port-a-potties. One would hope so anyway, considering the economic state of things, cause you won't even be able to spill a drink on Bead Boy down there this year. I've got plenty of beads to keep me busy at home (very very bead-busy), but I do miss the energy, and all those friends enjoying well-deserved dinners at fancy-pants Poca Cosa. Will it be chile/chocolate/chicken chimichangas? Mango/mint/marijuana meat-wraps? Tarragon/chipotle/tilapia fish tacos? Mmm, I hope the Best Bead Show has those fruit cups again for Nikia and Star!
While I am bummed for missing some new adventure that would surely ge
t stoked this year, I am thankful that I can imagine. Besides, I got a fair share of beads as a roadie last week up in Rollinsville, which of course means Beyond Beadery! Such a beautiful setting for getting out of the house:

For fear of getting stuck in the snow (again), I left my truck near the highway and got a ride up with Mom (Ellen), not knowing that I'd be shanghaied into nearly two extra days of stringing/tubing/labeling. It is impressive to see all those bead vendors down in Tucson. More so when you know what goes on behind the scenes. I was sorry to leave Betcey and Mark before all the packing was in the truck, but we ran out of mint for the mojitos so I had to head back down the mountain. It is good to go to the source when working for beads: I stocked up on some sparkly cut hanks that don't usually make it to the shows AND I got the first tote bag of 2009! 
Good fortune in Tucson my friends!


Andrew Thornton said...

It was sad not to see you in Tucson. It would have been nice to grab some dinner with you and Jamie. You were missed, but Star sent your regards and your spirit was felt.

Hope you're doing well!

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