Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atomic Tuesday II

So far, so good, with the once-a-week posting, now named Atomic Tuesdays in honor of Kate's (and mine too i suppose) Atomic Ranch where a house full of people may stay connected through the power of Blog, whether on the grounds or without.
This week, Kate's Krafty Kompound saw the start of my wire-welding skills. After tearing off my shirt for an afternoon of banging, I managed to create these two dangles. A ways to go before I have a necklace for the Glitterganza, but really just happy that I didn't bang a finger on the anvil (the slight sunburn was to be expected).

Today I finished reading The Annotated Dracula (kinda slow towards the climatic ending); the same day that Kate posted Wyatt's toothy grin and Lair of the White Worm (also writen by Stoker).

A post about helmut hair led to a discussion on acceptance. What jumped out at me was the remarks remembered that were made by mothers. Nothing lifts us up like a mother's love, and so nothing can tear us down like her scorn. It is easy (eventually) to ignore stranger's/peer's comments, but when your own mother cuts you down it feels you have nowhere to go. In their defence, I must say that mothers are people too, with just as much weakness of humanity, however difficult to understand or accept. I'm posting this old photo for Andrew hoping it will make him laugh cause I love to see his smile; also to thank him for reminding me to mind what I say: just because I've gotten through some shit (more to go!), I can't assume that everyone else is there.


kate mckinnon said...

AWESOME, both the two dangles (very sexy) and the fairy photo, which I will cherish.

Andrew Thornton said...

I am glad that you have continued blogging! How delightful!

And yes, the photo did make me smile.

The funny thing is that I don't begrudge my mother for the harsh things she said. Years later, when I asked her why she embarrassed us publicly, she said, "It's better that I say it than someone else. Better that it's in your face than behind your back."

And it's true. I would rather someone close, who I love and trust, point out my flaws than people discussing them behind my back.

janetskeen@comcast.net said...

good blog for us Colorado people who are missing you a lot.....me for sure.
All that sunshine and warm breeze makes me homesick for good ol' Tucson where I went to high school, so long ago and far away.
Talk to me next summer when it is 110 degrees.
Love you.
Janet Kay

Amy said...

Love the fairy foto.