Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruckus in the Kitchen

Both Miss Fish and Mister Simon greeted me in my room this morning, seemingly still sketchy from last night's intruder. (Really, they just wanted the bowl of food cleaned up, having strewn kibbles all over the floor.) Nothing like the sounds of a cat fight in the middle of the night to snap one out of slumber! The two house cats come and go as they please, via the tiny door within a door, which is accessed through my bedroom. I haven't seen this third cat, but I can see the little door from my bed at night, and he should consider this a warning. Assuming he reads blogs.


kate mckinnon said...

I trust that you and Andrew will deal soundly with the intruder. The Have-A-Heart trap on the porch is just waiting to close upon him...

My girlitude has so far prevented me from trapping him and taking him to the shelter but clearly no one has owned up to owning him and he is raising Holy Hell in our house.

Dustin Wedekind said...

Wow, just had a hummingbird fly into the house! oh they are gorgeous and I am happy to befriend them with sugar!

Despite the trappings of Thing One and Thing Two,
The Cat of the Night is in-cog-ni-to.